Quality Counts Verification Now Active

Quality Counts Verification is now active and ready to be used! Moving forward into the 2011-2012 Major Show Season, Quality Counts Verification will be a part of the process for entry in all major shows. This means youth exhibitors will need to demonstrate their knowledge of the Six Pillars of Character and the Eight Core Concepts presented in the Quality Counts Curriculum. To do this, they will need to pass an online test on the website ( http://qualitycounts.tamu.edu/) and acquire a Quality Counts Verification number.

Things you need to know about Verification:
* 2011 – State Fair of Texas will implement Quality Counts Verification on a voluntary basis.
* 2012 – All Major Livestock Shows in Texas will require Quality Counts Verification at the time of entry – This means youth will need to be verified prior to entry in the fall of 2011.
* A Verification number is obtained by answering 80% of the questions correctly on an online test.
* You will have access to the Verification Records for your county by logging in as a County Extension Agent.
* Your initial username and password is your email address and your county name.
* You should log in and set up your own unique password.

The Quality Counts website ( http://qualitycounts.tamu.edu/ ) will serve as your portal to the online test, Verification Records, and educational resources. From this website, you can access all of the Quality Counts curriculum and various Powerpoint presentations for use with 4-H livestock exhibitors, 4-H leaders, and local support groups and organizations.

Posted by Dale A. Fritz, Ph.D., District Extension Administrator

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