County Extension Agent Career Ladder Timeline

The Texas AgriLife Extension Service and Cooperative Extension Program personnel implement innovative and contemporary programs which meet the needs of local clientele and communities. These programs result in measurable outcomes that truly “Make a Difference”. One of the methods used to recognize and reward county Extension agents for their effective programming is through the County Extension Agent Career Ladder system.

The purpose of the career ladder is to provide a system to measure and document the progress of county Extension agents in their profession and to reward their professional accomplishments.

The following listing provides a timeline from June through September for managing promotion in the Professional Career Ladder System for County Extension Agents:

June 1 – Attend Regional CEA Career Ladder Training and Dossier Preparation Workshop

June – Director of the Texas AgriLife Extension Service initiates promotion process through distribution of promotion information.

July 15 – “Intent to Apply” form and draft copy of dossier due from CEA to DEA. “Intent to Apply” form includes the names of Level IV agents who are “mentoring” the agent to prepare the dossier. CEA will have worked with RPD and Level IV agents to prepare draft dossier.

September 1 – CEA submits a completed dossier to the DEA and electronic copies to their CED/CEP Program Leader and primary RPD.

September 15 – DEA sends copies of dossier from their district to Regional Peer Review Committee members.

The effectiveness of the career ladder process is directly correlated to engagement of the District Extension Administrators, County Extension Directors, Region Program Directors and Level IV “mentors” in coaching County Extension Agents. The success of this system is paramount for Extension to maintain a committed and productive workforce.

Posted by: Dale A. Fritz, Ph.D., District Extension Administrator

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