Partial Cost Recovery

Scenario 1, Option A

  1. Your committee collects money from the participants of the event.
  2. Your committee provides their own (generic) receipts to the participants. DO NOT provide the participants with receipts from the Extension receipt book.
  3. Obtain a committee check from the committee that collected money from the participants of the event in the amount of the cost recovery amount due to agency.
  4. Provide the committee the white copy of the receipt from the Extension receipt book  for the 1 committee check
  5. Endorse the committee check “For Deposit Only- Extension Account 210410
  6. Complete form AG-231 page 1 and 2 and request cost recovery fee from the sponsoring committee
  7. Mail complete packet to AgriLife Cash Management Office.  The complete packet includes:
    • AG-231 page 1 and 2 (Event Report with Deposit Form) OR AG-233 (Multiple Event Report with Deposit Form)
    • The committee check
    • The pink copy of the receipt.
  8. You must ALSO submit the Partial Cost Recovery Web Form Report (click link to be taken to the report form) which lets our office know what you are sending in to AgriLife Cash Management. This information is for District 9 use.

These steps should be done as events are completed.

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